The No BS, Plain English Guide to User Experience


User testing often reveals surprising and unlikely ways customers use your products and services.

Do you wonder what the term user experience means? Do you think it’s some kind of pseudoscience? If you do, then read on.

Here are my 8 user experience research tips to show you how to tailor content to your customers needs, so that they can’t possibly ignore you.

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8 Tips & Tricks to Start a Subscription Box Service from Scratch (without spending a dime on inventory)

Freedom Awaits. Get instant access to your FREE Ecommerce Quickie! Download 8 Trending Products Ideas You Can start Selling Now, Without Spending a Dime on Inventory (most people don’t know this)

FREEDOM AWAITS! Get your Ecommerce Quickie Now! 8 Trending products you can sell now without spending a dime on inventory (most people don't know this!)
Do you already sell a great product that solves an ongoing customer problem? Or are you still unsure what to sell?

If you know your customers need your products, but you’re still unsure how to package your goods and services into a weekly or monthly ecommerce subscription service, I’d like to show you a system — the subscription service system I created so you can increase repeat sales and automatically generate more business to free up time to do the things you love.

I choose organic fruit and vegetables because local demand was high and supply in the Hertfordshire area was low, but you can choose almost any goods including digital goods and apply the system below to suit your customers needs.

Here’s my system:

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[Case Study] How The Wet Shave Club achieved $100,000 in Revenue in only 6 months (with a tiny investment)

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.22.05

Special delivery for Wet Shave Club. Ever wonder what 10,000 boxes look like? ‪


Sales are the lifeblood of every business. No, it’s not only about about being passionate and doing what you love, although that can buy you a ticket to the club. Passion alone will not pay your bills. Knowing what to sell, how to get started and when to take the plunge, is how you win big.

Let’s take a close look at what it takes to buy an existing ecommecre business that’s a proven business model. By taking the headache out of launching an online business from scratch, you can fast track your way to the lifestyle of your dreams.

Introducing The Wet Shave Club

Rohan Gilkes and Kevin Periera bought an existing ecommerce site The Wet Shave Club on reddit for only $4K in 2014, partnered with another redditor and together they spent 2 months completely retooling the business, followed up by 3 months of intensive marketing, they were less than 30 days away from $100K in revenue in October 2014.

What I LOVE about their case is they went into this not knowing a thing about selling and shipping products, logistics, inventory, warehousing, or even wet shaving for that matter. But they live in the information age. Anything under the sun can be figured out if you’re resourceful enough and willing to bust your ass until you make yourself an expert in that thing. Remember thses guys are are not well connected, nor do they access to a gazillion dollars in VC funding. They just work hard, and they’re just getting started.

Here’s their story

About 6 months ago, Rohan came across a thread from a guy on reddit looking to sell an ecommerce business he owned Rohan contacted him and found out that it was a wet shaving subscription box service.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 16.26.42

I felt like I could make it work given the fact that dollar shave club had proven out the model so I said – Let’s do it!


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Learn How to Swim Naked Through Shark-infested Waters


Justine Musk, first wife of billionaire Elon Musk, knows a thing or two about wealth and hard work — her ex-husband is a founder of PayPal, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, and has an estimated net worth of $12.1 billion.

Justine’s recent reply to question “Will I become a billionaire if I am determined to be one and put in all the necessary work required?” and reply posted recently on Quora is a fascinating insight into the mind of what qualities it really takes to build a successful business.

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